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Thriprayar Sree Ramaswamy Temple

Triprayar Sreerama Temple situated in Triprayar on the bank of river Theevra , in Thrissur . The deity is Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu . The temple deity is the presiding deity of Arattupuzha Pooram. 

The main festivals of the temple are the Pooram (Malayalam month Meenam) and Ekadasi

The one who transformed a hunter into a holy sage, the one who removed the darkness of ignorance and brought the light of wisdom, the one who attracted and delighted all the worlds, the one who owns the holy chant of ‘Rama’; that Sree Ramachandra Swami is blessing all from the famous Triprayar Temple. The greatness of this temple is beyond words. The atmosphere of this temple gives immense happiness to the devotees and the place looks peaceful, glorious and attractive.

Those who yearn sincerely can feel the presence of God. Those who have belief in him will not be disturbed by the wicked souls. They get physical and spiritual pleasure.

Fixing the blue sky in mind, which has the colour of Sree Rama, the Nandiyar River flows at the eastern side with the chanting of Rama mantra and touching the feet of the Almighty. The beautiful nature sways its fans with the coconut leaves. At a short distance the waves of Arabian Sea is also found chanting the Rama mantra. As the clear sound of Sree Hanuman, the great grammarian and faithful servant of Sree Ramachandra Swamy, the sounds of dynamites are echoing all over the place. Thus with all the specialities this famous Sree Rama Temple keeps its uniqueness from all other temples of Kerala.

Triprayar Sreerama Temple History

The elders believe that the idol of Triprayar Thevar was worshipped by Lord Sri Krishna at Dwaraka. Some elders say that in olden days the river was in the western side of the temple and it turned to flow through the other side later. This may be the reason for calling it ‘Thiruppurayar’. The devotee who wrote a book about this place stated that ‘Thrippadayar’ had become Triprayar. In literature the reference on Triprayar is in ‘Kokasandesam’ written by an unknown poet of the fourteenth century. During the explanation of the route to Kollam from Tripprankode, this place and temple is referred as follows:

“The river, there are lotuses and beetles,
It is this beautiful river, Nanthiyar
If we cross this river, we can see
The place Purayar, the place of killer of Kamsa”

From this poem we can understand that the name of Triprayar was Purayar. The name of the river is given as Nanthiyar. As there was a temple of Sree Rama, the term Thiru could have been added as a mark of respect. ‘Pura’ might have been changed to ‘Pra’ because of the influence of Sanskrit. ‘Thiru’ became ‘Tri’ as per the ‘Sandhi’ rules. Thus the word Thiruppurayar got changed as Triprayar.

‘Chenthamaramalar chuvanthiyam Nanthiyaru’


Nalambalam is a set of four Hindu temples in Kerala. In malayalam, Nalu means four and Ambalam means Temple. These are the temples for the Rama brothers of Ramayana.

Nalambalam Yatra begins from the Rama temple in Triprayar and ends up at Shatrughna Temple in Payyammal. It is customary to visit the four temples in the order Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna respectively. A pilgrimage to these temples on a single day during the holy month of Karkkidakam believed to shower blessings and ensure prosperity. Starting from Thripprayar and ending in Payammel, through Irinjalakuda and Moozhikulam.


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