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Onam – The festival of Kerala

Onam Festival is one of the most significant harvest festivals of Kerala and is an attraction for thousands of people outside and within the state. All the activities during this season are centered on worshipping, music, dance, sports, boat races and good food. This festival is celebrated in the Malayalam month Chingam (ending of August and beginning of September). Onam is a harvest festival and celebrates the reward of nature after a year of hard work Read More

Onam 2019 Dates

Onam Attraction

Lots of activities take place across the state for over two weeks. Here are some of the Kerala Onam festival attractions for you to enjoy.

Onam Dances

During the festivities which continue for ten days, the best dances of Kerala can be witnessed along with the celebrations. Several forms of dances which are exhibited during Onam, attracts a large number of dance lovers from across the world. There are many remarkable dance forms such as

Onam Games

  • KutuKutu
  • Onakalikal
  • Talappanthukali
  • Kayyankali

Onam Recipes

Onam’s grand feast has a special name for itself and is served in a special logical manner too. Often known as “Onasadhya”, this impressive spread of delicacies is served in the banana leafs. The leaf has to be placed in a particular manner and the dishes are also served in a systematic order beginning from the left