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Pulikali(Dance of the Tiger )

Pulikkali or the Dance of the Tiger is a very popular art of Kerala that has a natural connection to the cultural expressions of the masses of this small Indian state. This art form has a universal appeal that cuts across all religious and social boundaries.

Onam, the Festival of Harvest, is the auspicious season when the whole of Kerala reverberates with the rhythms and beats of Pulikkali The stealthy moves of the majestic tigers are the resounding pulse of this dance form which is played out in the public for the public.

Unfortunately this dance form is on the edge of disappearance from the Indian cultural domain. The need for an organized mechanism to preserve and propagate the art in all its true hues and tones was felt strongly among the real stake holders of Pulikkali.

Pulikali at Thrissur

Pulikali indicates a dance performed by men. This acts done in different parts of Kerala as the best celebration of Onam. However, the one that is shown in Thrissur district does quite past. From children on old people like the part in Pulikali. Each performer order is using masks like leopard look and body covered in black and yellow. Leopard faces do also draw on guts.

The group includes predominantly male leopards with few females also baby leopards. After wearing masks, there holds no weight for facial emotions. Men by potbellies wave it and dance, which is really enjoyable to watch.
Pulikkali indicates a recreational group art from the state from Kerala. It is made by qualified artists to inspire people in the event of Onam, an annual season festival, celebrated chiefly in the Indian country state of Kerala. On this fourth day from Onam festivals. players spread like tigers and animals in vivid yellow, red, and black dance on the beats of tools like Udukku and Thakil. This literal definition of Pulikkali is that ‘play of that Tigers’ from the performance turns around the description of tiger hunt.

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