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Onam Sadya

Onam sadya is one of the favorite things of all the people of Kerala in Onam celebration. Each and every people make the Onam sadya in their houses at the grand day of Onam called Thiru Onam. The highlights of Onam Sadya include the Payasam, Sambar, Pappadam, Thoran, Pazham and much more food.

Onam is one of the important and popular festivals of Kerala. But the festival celebrates internationally. That is only because of the Kerala peoples all over the world.  Each and every corner of our world contain a minimum of 1 malayalee (person from Kerala). Every year the bigger festival is celebrate on August/September month. Here we are sharing some important and tastiest recipes for the occasion of Onam festival. All of these Onam Recipes are traditional and so tasty. Here is the list of these special recipes.

Recipies for Onam sadya

  • Sambar
  • Avial    
  • Kalan 
  • Olan  
  • Thoran
  • Puliinji 
  • Pineapple pachhady
  • Erissery
  • Kootukari
  • SarkaraVartty 
  • Kaya Varuthath  
  • Pappadam
  • Payasam    
  • Prathaman

How are Onam Recipes Served? Onam recipes are served on plantain leaves in a specific order. On the extreme left of the leaf, pappadum is placed. A banana is placed on top of the pappadum. Food items like banana wafers and sarkarapuratti fries are placed one after another, on the right side of the leaf. Read more

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