Thursday, June 13, 2024

How are Onam Recipes Served?

Onam recipes are served on plantain leaves in a specific order. On the extreme left of the leaf, pappadum is placed. A banana is placed on top of the pappadum. Food items like banana wafers and sarkarapuratti fries are placed one after another, on the right side of the leaf. This is followed by ginger lime and mango pickles. Then you should place items like vellarika and pavakka.

Next, you need to keep recipes like beetroot or ullikitchadi on the plaintain leaf. This is followed by the kichadi, thoran made of beans, and a semi-dry mixture of vegetables. Next, you should place the kootu curry and other Onam recipes you’ve prepared. 

You should serve the rice when the guests take their seats for the meal. Then you should serve parippu and ghee which is followed by sambhar and dessert items. 

What’s exciting about Onam Sadhya is that it does not merely include a number of recipes but they need to be arranged in a specific order. The recipes placed on the plantain leaf create a colorful arrangement which makes the food tempting for one and all. So, celebrate Onam with a grand feast and have an enjoyable experience with your near and dear ones.

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