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Onam 2024 dates | Thiruvonam date

Onam 2024 is on September 15, Sunday. Thiruvonam dates varies yearly based on the Malayalam calendar.

When is Onam 2024 Date?

10 days of Onam 2024

Day 1 Atham , September 5th 2024 & September 6th 2024 – This marks the beginning of Onam festivities. People start cleaning their homes and drawing colorful Pookalams, intricate flower arrangements on the floor.

Day 2 Chithira September 7th, 2024 – A second layer is added to the Pookalam, making it even more beautiful.

Day 3 Chodhi September 8th 2024 – On this day, people visit temples to seek blessings from the deities.

Day 4 Vishakam September 9th 2024 – Traditional games and sports competitions are held in villages, adding to the festive spirit.

Day 5 Anizham September 10th 2024 – Cultural events like Kathakali dance performances take place, showcasing Kerala’s rich heritage.

Day 6 Thriketa September 11th 2024 – Shopping for Onam is at its peak, as people prepare to welcome King Mahabali.

Day 7 Moolam September 12th 2024 – Grand processions are held in some parts of Kerala, featuring caparisoned elephants and folk performances.

Day 8 Pooradam September 13th 2024 – The famed snake boat races of Kerala are held on this day, attracting huge crowds.

Day 9 Uthradam September 14th 2024 – This day is also known as the first Onam. People start preparing the elaborate Onasadhya, a nine-course vegetarian feast.

Day 10 Thiruvonam September 15th 2024, Sunday – The main day of Onam Families gather together to enjoy the Onasadhya and celebrate King Mahabali’s return.

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