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Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple

Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple one of the few temples in India dedicated to Lord Vamana . This temple located in north of Ernakulam, 2 kilometers east of edapally . The Bhagavata Purana describes that Lord Vishnu descended as the Vamana avatar .

The architecture of Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple

Thrikkakarai temple inclusive of its outer walls and outer courtyard has an area of eleven acres. The temple lacks a gopuram as compared to other keralite temples. Even the padipura, the main entrance is relatively small as compared to other temples. There is an elephant shed towards the front of the temple. A dwijam was constructed between the elephant stable and Balikalpura only in 1982.

A garudavahanam has been instead on top of it. The temple does not have a Nalambalam or Vilakumadam. The Sreekovil, constructed out of granite stone is of circular shape. The facing mandapa is fairly large. A Yakshi has been installed in it. The Sreekovil or the Sanctum Sanctorum does not have a vimana. The idol is set on a platform which is 4 or 5 feet in height.

Towards the northwest of the Sanctum lies the shrine of Lakshmidevi, towards the southwest is the shrine of Shasta and the southeast houses the idol of Goshala Krishna. Beyond the Nalambalam, a Brahma rakshas shrine too has been set up.

There is a pond on the southern side of the temple which does not have proper walls as if now. The temple pond is called Kapila Theertham. According to legend Kapila Maharishi who founded the temple collected the water used for the consecration of the deity in this pond.

The Siva shrine situated towards the north could have been the family shrine of the Kalkarainadu Chieftains. If some of the rock inscriptions are closely studied, one can find that some of the grants by the chiefs are for the Shiva temple.

Passing through the annals of temple chronicles and other records, we can catch a glimpse of the former glory and magnificence of the temple. In its heydays the temple had almost twenty seven sub shrines in it.

Every shrine had a separate priest, well, gopurams on all four sides, a gold dwijam, an agraharam, a feeding hall, a granary, a stage for performance arts, a arsonary, bhajanamadom, Vilakumadam, Sangeethashala, Manimeda etc. In short it was a nerve center of cultural activities and community life.

Athachamayam of Thripunithara

Athachamayam of Thripunithara which is well known cultural gala today during the Onam celebrations is nothing but a reminder of the ancient practice of the ruler of cochin proceeding with all his entourage to Thrikkakkara for celebrating Onam.

The famous ‘Athachamayam’ was constituted by shakthan Tampuran in remembrance of this tradition. On the Attham day of the Chingam month, the Kochi Raja would ascend his golden palanquin and with his royal entourage, clad in all his jewels, set out on an imaginative journey to Thrikkakkara.

As the entourage reaches the fort, a Brahmin messenger informs the king, “this time, the celebration has been cancelled; his majesty may go back to Perumbadappu”. Then, the Kochi Raja turns towards the direction of Thrikkakkara and pays obeisance to the Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple and returns back to his palace. The return journey is without any pomp and ceremony. Today the Athachamayam has become democratic and generalized.

Onam Celebrations Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple

The Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple is particularly famous for its grand celebrations during the Onam festival. Onam is a 10-day harvest festival that falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August-September). The temple premises come alive with vibrant decorations, cultural performances, music, dance, and processions.

The main temple festival is during the Onam season, which falls on the month of August or September.

Temple Location

The Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple is situated in Thrikkakara, about 10 kilometers east of Kochi city. It is easily accessible by road, and several public and private transport options are available to reach the temple.

Visiting the Thrikkakara Vamana Moorthy Temple provides a glimpse into Kerala’s rich cultural and religious heritage, especially during the festive season of Onam. The temple’s historical significance, architectural beauty, and spiritual aura make it a must-visit destination for devotees and tourists alike.

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