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Kolkkali could be a extremely intoned dance with the dancers wielding short sticks. The rhythm of this dance is ready by a harmonious synchronization of the sound of the feet to the placing of sticks. The movement is circular and also the artists sing as they dance and strike the sticks in unison. although the dancers cut looseto make completely different patterns, they ne’er miss a beat. In Malabar, Kolkkali is addition widespread among Muslim men.

The performers comprise solely of men. the ladies don’t seem to be allowed to perform and apply this dance type. Kolkali is danced in pairs and therefore the pairs move in a circle to the rhythmical beat of sticks. The performers hold these special sticks in their hand and use them as props whereas recreation. The dance begins with a slow pace however slowly because the time passes the rhythm becomes quick and ultimately reaches to the peak of mania. With the attended people songs the dancers dance during sort of alignment in due course.

Kolkali begins with Vandanakali. Subramanian and Ganapathy are praised. this can be followed by alternative varieties of dances in several tempos. it’s determined that Kolkali blends rhythms. The kolkali songs are mixed with pious stories describing regional Gods.

Kolkali’s origins will be derived to the Hindu temples. The Muslim community has additionally rendered valuable contribution to the current genre.

Payyannur in Kannur district occupies a outstanding place in Kolkali. Anidil Raman Ezhuthachan of Payyannur has written lots of pious songs for Kolkali. One will see manyteams of great youth of Payyannur and close areas activity Kolkali. within the past, girls took active half in Kolkali. The women’s taking part in was named as Kolattam. In Kolattam, the stress was on dance steps. although rare, women’s teams do exist.

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