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The Krishnanattam may be a mosaic of people and classic arts, a dance drama, has evolved from this Krishnageethi over three hundred years past. avatarnattam originated as a consecrated providing to Shri Krishna. The performance stretching eight nights is predicated on the Indic text, avatar Geethi.

This work deals with the avatar avatar – from Krishna’s birth to his final liberation from worldly life and ascension to heaven. it’sconferred in eight episodes specifically ‘Avatharam’, ‘Kaliyamardhanam’, ‘Rasakreeda’, ‘Kamsavaddham’. ‘Swayamvaram’, ‘Banayuddham’, ‘Vividha vadham’, and “Swargarohana”. These episodes are conferred on eight consecutive nights. Since the last story is taken into account inauspicious, the “Avathara ” invariably follows “Swargarohana” and it’ll be enacted on the ninth day. The costume and make-up are somewhat almost likeKathakali and people arts like Mudiyettu and Theyyam.

Acting, saltation and singing performances are incorporated within the art. Singing is finished in sopanam vogue in Indic. a number of the characters wear masks. The performance begins in the dark when the ritual closing of the temples. Guruvayur temple in Thrissur has daily performance of Krishnanattom. to enhance the art additional and build it more spectator orientating, Koodiyattam, the oldest Indic drama in Kerala was adopted to render the literary composition with ‘Abhinayam’ that are drama gestures, and so Krishnanattam evolved. It additionally uses makeup and costumes of “Koodiyattam”

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