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Duffmuttu is a group performance popular among the Muslims of Malabar. Duffmuttu is staged as a event throughout festivals and ceremonial occasion. The artistes beat on a quaint round percussion (Daffu). The leader of the group sings, others form the chorus and move in circles beating the daffu rhythmically. The songs are usually tributes to martyrs, heroes and saints. Duffmuttu may be performed at any time of the day and has no fastened limit.

The muslim folks of Kasargod additionally performs this art at the time of wedding or Urooses and alternative functions and ceremonies connected with mosques. The Aravana or pudding may be instrument of Arabian origin. within the Aravana Kalli, pudding muttu or pudding Kalli, because the form is multifariously known as the players (usually six in number) stand or sit facing one another sing songs, sway the body in numerous directions, similar to in dance and turn out pulsating sounds by putting with their palms or figures on the pudding. There are many troupes of pudding Muttu connected with mosques and madrasah. As AN art it’s additionally performed within the stages, and competitions are command during this item.

The tradition technique of taking part in this is often by standing in a very u form, then singing byte i.e. the normal Arabic song then taking part inin step with the song, and therefore fashionable is by singing any Muslim song then adding steps in step with the song, then taking part in the pudding. the strategy’s comparable however slightly completely different thereto performed in Asian nation and in the majority of Gulf Arab countries.The pudding Muttu is claimed to own been ab initiation performed in Madina in South peninsula. This accustomed be performed on the paddy fields of peninsula wherever the artists used to sing the praise of the Lord. The Mapilla Muslims of the state of Kerala, perform the pudding Muttu.

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