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A dance type essential to the marriage recreation and festivities of the Malabar Muslims. Maidens and young feminine relatives sing and dance round the bride, hand clapping their hands. The songs of Mappila pattu, are 1st sung by the leader and are recurrent by the chorus. The themes are typically teasing comments and innuendo’s regarding the bride’s anticipated observance blissfulness. Oppana is usually bestowed as a stage item these days

Oppana could be a famous style of social amusement amid the Muslim 
community (Mappila) of the gods own country of Kerala in Southern a part ofAsian nation.
The word Oppana is maintain to be derived from Arabic word Afna. it’s specially a traditional performed and displayed within the districts of Calicut, Malappuram and Canaonore of Kerala. it had been originated throughout the make-up ritual of Muslim bride. This dance type is performed to esteem the married partying of the bride and is an element of the bridal celebrations.

The varied musical instruments that are compete where as performing arts this dance are; Ganjira, Tabla, Elathaalam and reed organ and also the solely song that is dunged on this explicit occasion is Mappilapaattu which is sung by a frontierswoman so the chorus is recurrent.
There are 2 varieties of Oppana; Oppana Murukkum and Oppana Chayal, Oppana Chayal is that the one that starts with the Chayal and ends with Chayal and is well known while not hand clapping hands.

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