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One of the oldest customary theater sorts of Asian nation, Koodiyattam follows the performative principles of the past tradition of Sanskritic language theater. However, it’sits own distinctive characteristics that are firmly non moving within the culture of Kerala. This theater was historically an element of temple rituals performed in sacred theaters, referred to as Koothambalams

Koodiyattam is Kathakali’s 2000 year previous forerunner and is obtainable as a consecrate giving to the supernatural being. Kootiyattam virtually means that “acting together”. this is often the earliest classical theater kind of Kerala. supported Sage Bharatha’s ‘Natyasasthra’ WHO lived within the second century, Kootiyattam evolved within the ninth century AD Kootiyattam is enacted within the temple theatre, there are 2 or additional characters onstage at the identical time, with the Chakkiars providing the male solid and also the Nangiars enjoying the feminine roles. The Nangiars beat the cymbals and recite verses in Sanskritic language, whereas within the background Nambiars play the Mizhavu, an outsized copper drum

Vidushaka or the intellect, a figure parallel to the Fool in Shakespearean plays, enacts his role with the freedom to criticise anyone without worrying. The costume of the fool sets him butte remainder. The Kootiyattam performance lasts for many days starting from six to twenty days. Themes are supported mythology.The Koodal Manickyam temple at Irinjalakkuda and also the Vadakkumnatha temple at Thrissur are the most centers wherever Kootiyattam remains performed annually. Ammannoor Madhava Chakkiar is unpleasantness of this rare art

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