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kavadiyattam is a ritual art performance dedicated to Lord Subramania and it is broadly practiced in Subramania temples during the festivals. There are three type of kavadis performed namely pookavadi, mayilpeeli kavadi and Ambalakavadi. Pookavadi is decorated with colorful flowers,
mayilpeeli kavadi is decorated with peacock feathers and the last one ambalakavadi is shaped like a tower.

The birth of Kavadiyattam is in Tamilnadu . The kavadiyattam is performed by devotees wearing yellow cloths. They twist the kavadi and dance and shake in a madness to the rising beats of crash instruments like udukku, chenda and nadaswaram. The devotes believe that the dance of Lord’s servants cheer him to start the war with the devil as he had the divine spear with him. 

The dancers will have to follow some ritual before participating in kavadi attam. They should observe expectation for 41 days by avoiding alcoholic liquor, non-vegetarian food etc.  According to this belief, Lord will enjoy their dance and remove the burdens from their shoulders.

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