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Top 10 Onam Pookalam designs 2019

Its time for the great Mahabali to visit his country men!

Its time to prepare a sweet smelling Pookalam with fresh flowers!

Its time to participate in snake boat race!

Its time to express your joy & happiness by performing Kaikottikali dance!

Its time to cook mouth watering feast for the King – Onasadhya!

Because its harvest time in picturesque Kerala…its Onam Festival!

We bring you top 10 Onam 2012 Pookalam designs:

Onam Pookalam Kerala Festival

On the Onam day, centre-stage in the courtyard is decorated with elaborate flower arrangements called Pookalam – the flower carpet.

Onam Festival Pookalam

Belief has it that if young, unmarried girls dance around the Pookalam, they would definitely find a desired match and get married very soon.

magical colours of onam
Onam Pookalam theme

For Pookalam, colourful and round flower arrangement using only fresh flowers, leaves and petals is done.


Pookalam design with a theme – snake boat race.

Pookalam Onam celebrations

After Onam, Thumba flowers are used to make the Onapookalam which remains untouched for two weeks.

Pookalam Onam festival

Pookalam – scent of flowers pervades on Onam festival.

scent of flowers pervades onam

Do let us know which Pookalam design you liked the most or which one helped you decorate your home?

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