Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Onam Celebrations

Onam is a grand occasion enveloping ten day celebrations across the state of Kerala. People of all faiths and sects unite together to display the superiority of their customs and cultures to charm the world. Celebrations of Onam remain in full swing for the whole nine day, kicking off from the first day (Atham) to last till the last day (Thiru Onam). 

Onam celebrations not only charm the Indians, but also catch the attention of visitors from all parts of the globe. With the “Kerala Tourism Week” deliberately juxtaposed together, the occasion invites hundreds of thousands of tourists to enjoy the celebrations on offer. On the first day, floral designing marks the celebrations when every house takes to prepare it using flower petals of vibrant colours.    

Celebrations of Onam reach to the most feverish pitch on the Thiruvonam when people wake up early to engage in a variety of tasks. From waking up early to cleaning up the house, from an early bath to putting up new clothes, every house witnesses the same routine from its inhabitants. After the prayers at a nearby temple, every family proceeds to create beautiful pookalam to receive the King. 

On this day, the sumptuous lunch- called Onam sadya – is served which includes more than 10 dishes. The festival of Onam buzzes with many activities in different parts of the state. If Pulikali performers amuse for their costume of tigers, the Kummattikali artists mesmerize the kids with their wooden mask; if embellished elephants and their procession lure at Thrissur, the Kathakali artists win the heart of people at Cheruthuruthy. 

Onam festival witnesses many more charming activities organized through the state, including the   clap dance (Kaikotikalli), snake boat race (Vallamkali), tough sports (Talappanthukali), and combats (Kayyankali). All these activities add to the charm of a festival which has grown massively in scale over the years. 

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