Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Onam Pookalam Designs Outline Images

     Flowers and floral designs are the compulsory element in onam celebration, So we always gives high priority to flowers every one going outside and plucking flowers from fields grounds etc and make beautiful floral designs in varantha ( in front of home) of every home. The children in each home take floral designing as a competition they always try to make their athapookalam as much big they can . As children we all sang these sort of amusing Onam songs, yet as we grow up we see these delightful blossoms being utilized all over as a part of our every day life in distinctive structures. We enhance our homes with excellent blossoms amid celebrations.

latest and most attractive onam pookalm designs out line that is very easy to draw everyone . This athapookalam designs is looking good when completing using flowers.

onam pookalam outline designs - 2020  -  7

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