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Sree Pazhanchira Devi Temple | Thiruvananthapuram – Temples of Kerala

Main Deities : Devi
Other Deities : Nagaraja, Ganesha, Navagrahas, Brahmarakshasas, Chamunda, Sudalai Madan

Sree Pazhanchira Devi Temple is one of the ancient temples in south India. It is situated at Ambalathara in Thiruvananthapuram District. The temple is beautified with carvings of the various manifestations of the god and goddess.

This is an occasion when the entire city becomes focused on the temple.The Trust undertakes and monitors the work related to the renovation of the temple, improvement of the roads leading to the temple, expansion of areas for Ponkala, and provision of facilities for the devotees to worship in the temple.

Pazhanchira the spiritual oasis stands as a testimony to the creative manifestation of Pazhanchira Devi’s divine vision, enabling humankind to tread the path of Dharma (righteousness), by understanding and transforming oneself, in the most difficult period of Kaliyuga.

According to the beJief of the people it is almost 700 years old and was installed by a ‘Siddha yogi’ who worshipped the Devi. Gradually this place was couverted into a temple and place was give,n to the Yogi on the western side of the Sree Kovi!.

There is a ‘Sarpa Kavu’ outside the Sree Kovil where there are many shady trees, ‘Naga pooja’ is performed here. It is said that those who witness this pooja will be cured of diseases of the eyes, skin etc. On every full moon day a special pooja known as ‘Ayswarya Mahalakshmi Pooja’ is conducted in the Pazhanchira Devi Temple.

The pooja begins at 5 in the evening and ends at 6 p.m. This is performed for the removal of ill ill-effects and for the prosperity of the family. The festival of the temple is in the month of ‘Meenam’ and starts on the day of ‘Makayram’. This temple is known as Mookambika of Trivandrum. Navarathri is celebrated with auspcious Poojas and Romas etc.

On the Mahanavami day Kanyakapooja is done by worshiping young girls and presenting them with dress and gifts. On this day Samooha Laksharchana is conducted which is altered by thousands devotees. On the Vidyarambam day hundreds of children have their Vidyarambam in the temple.


ganapathy homam
visheshal pooja
navagraha muzhukappu
muzhukappu devikku
sree rudrasooktha bhasmarchana
paranirakkal (one)
raktha pushpanjali
sree sookthaarchana
swayamvara pushpanjali
aishwariya mahalakshmi pooja
samvadha sooktham
thakkol pooja
Rakthachamundi archana
charadu gapam
mahamrithunjaya homam
laghumrithunjaya homam
thrikala pooja
bhagavathy seva
navagraha sooktharchana
navagrahaarchana (single)
navagraha shanthi homam


The history says that the famous priests like Ashwathamav used to come to Pazhanchira Desham to rest on the way to Sree Padmanabha Swami temple for Seeveli. During the time, a yogi settled there. The divinity of Pazhanchira was received through this yogi. Once, a Goddess appeared before this yogi and asked him to install an idol of Devi in Pazhaya chira on the banks of Neelaru. Then Pazhaya chira came to be known as Pazhanchira. The Pongala Mahotsavam is celebrated to pay obeisance to the divine presence of Pazhanchira Devi. The festival celebrates the oneness of the people on the banks of Neelaru. Pongala is also celebrated to thank the elements of nature.

How to Reach

Nearest Town/Landmark/ Junction : Paravankunnu Junction – 230 m
Nearest Bus station : Paravankunnu Bus Stop – 230 m
Nearest Railway station : Thampanoor Railway Station – 4 km
Nearest Airport : Trivandrum International Airport – 7.1 km

Sree Pazhanchira Devi Temple

Pazhanchira Devi Temple
Ambalathara, Manacaud – 695026
Phone: +91-471-2461037, 2455204

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Pazhanchira Devi Temple is a Hindu temple situated between Ambalathara, Thiruvananthapuram and Paravankunnu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Wikipedia

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