Firoz K & Sajna and Soorya were sent to Jail – Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Firoz K & Sajna and Soorya were sent to Jail due to week performance in Kaliyattam task.

Two week back Soorya Menon spotted in tears after getting nominated for jail punishment but this time she boldly expected punishment. Most of the contestant targeted Firoz K for week performance as they are couple they need to share the punishment. Firoz K requested bigg boss that he would like to jail alone. But bigg boss said Firoz K & Sajna and Soorya to take jail uniform from store room and get ready.

Ramzan jailed both of them as he the current Capitan of the house. Soorya argued with the fellow contestant regarding her characterization in Kaliyattam task .

ബിഗ്‌ബോസ് ഹൗസിൽ മുഖം നോക്കാതെയുള്ള തുറന്നുപറച്ചിലുകൾ.

പ്രേക്ഷകരെ ആവേശം കൊള്ളിച്ച കിടിലൻ വീക്ക്‌ലി ടാസ്‌കിന് ശേഷം ജയിലിൽ പോകുന്നത് ആരൊക്കെ? ബിഗ്‌ബോസ് ഹൗസിൽ മുഖം നോക്കാതെയുള്ള തുറന്നുപറച്ചിലുകൾ..

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