Saturday, May 25, 2024
Bigg Bossbigg boss malayalam season 5

Robin Radhakrishnan and Rajith Kumar entered Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Malayalam has completed fifty episodes of its fifth season. But compared to the previous seasons, this year’s Bigg Boss failed to attract an audience that much. The list of contestants was highly anticipated but the show did not manage to create much content. But Hanan and Omar Luluva, who came to the Bigg Boss house through a wild card, could stay inside the Bigg Boss house only for a few days. Anu Joseph, the third wild card, also failed to make much of a splash.

Ex-contestants Robin Radhakrishnan and Rajith Kumar have returned to the Bigg Boss house. The first time in Bigg Boss Malayalam that a contestant from the previous seasons has ever returned to the house. Youtube

Robin and Rajith Kumar are the most fan-followed contestants of all seasons of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Both of them were unable to become the winners of the competition and had to be eliminated in the middle. Rajith is eliminated because of putting chilies in the eyes of fellow contestant Reshma. After trying to assault Rias, Robin left the house.

Robin is the first one to enter the bigg boss house. He can be seen shaking hands with the strongest contestant on the show, Akhil Marar. Rajith, after entering the house, bows down as a gesture of gratitude towards the Bigg Boss house. Rajith Kumar is following the same old strategy in the house. Rajith Kumar pulled the legs of Marar, Vishnu, Sagar, and Cerena as soon as he entered the house.

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