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Aishwarya Suresh aka Lechu quit the show due to health issues

Aishwarya Suresh aka Lechu quit the bigg boss malayalam season 5 due to health issues. Lechu had spoken to his co-contestants that she was facing health issues for the past few days.

Lechu was one of the top contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5. From the day one the show started, she managed to capture the love of the audience and other contestants. Aishwarya was also one of the contestants who didn’t have too many haters

“This is Lechu last day in this Bigg Boss house as advised by the doctor due to his health reasons. Lechu was a good contestant. But health is paramount for any human being. So we can say goodbye to everyone and go out through the confession room,” said Bigg Boss. Later, when she reached the confession room after asking the fellow contestants to leave, Bigg Boss once again explained the situation to Lechu to take this decision.

She has been struggling for past one week due to her health issues. So, for days, Lechu was not able to participate in any of the tasks and other activities in the house. The actor was called to the medical room several times. The actress has now come out of the show due to health issues. Lechu himself has informed the audience about his exit from Bigg Boss through an Instagram story.

Hi, I had to get out of Bigg Boss. My health has gone bad. I’ve had periods three times. I was vomiting for the whole week. He gave me the drip and kept vomiting again. So I left Bigg Boss due to health issues. Thank you all for your support. I will take the treatment correctly and come back as soon as possible,” Lachhu said in the video posted as an Instagram story

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