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Sree Paramara Devi Temple| Kacheripady | Ernakulam – Temples of Kerala

Main Deities : Bhagavathy
Other Deities : Siva, Ganapathy, Brahmarakshas, Nagayakshi and Alunkal Bhagawathy

Ancient temples of Shri  Bhadrakali facing northward are very rare in Kerala.  Among them Paramara Temple is important and popular.  Old timers have been reminiscing many legendary events about this sacred temple and supreme deity Bhagawati who was also known as Parambanar Kulangara Bhagawati and Paramara Grandma.

An alien Brahmna during his travel reached Ernakulam and before commencing his morning prayers kept the idols of his worship at Parambanar Kulangara.  After the prayer the idol of the Goddess got fixed there.  Consequent to the astrological providence a temple was built and the Goddess was consecrated there.  This is today widely known as Paramara Bhagawati temple.

 Goddess of Paramara was born from the 3rd eye of the supreme God-head Shiva to annihilate the dreaded demon Raktabeejasura.

 The arrogant demon Raktabeejasura embodiment of all deadly evils, undefeatable even by the devas, with power conferred by Brahma, the procreator conquered the three worlds and performed his barbaric misrule to the tremor of the universe.  His promiscuous profusion on the celestial damsels, his atrocities on the devas, his horrendous hauntings of the pious devout and satvik mortals all alike brought panic among the Gods and earthly beings. 

Wicked and wretched though he was, could not be overpowered because of Braham’s boon,  the potency of which was that no creation of the latter would be able to combat him. Another boon he obtained, after terrible penance unto Brahma himself was that a drop of the demon’s blood fallen on the earth would resurrect another of himself. 

Thousands drop split would amount to thousand such demons.  Moved by the unanimous appeals of all the affected, Lord Shiva opened his third eye, from which emerged Shri Bhadrakali.  In the combat that ensued, the goddess lifted the demon holding the tuft on his head, spread her tongue to cover the entire war-front the demon’s torso to the head with her hand-sword.  The river of blood cascaded from the demon’s torso to the last tot, steamed into her mouth.

Thusath Karthas were the temple administrators of your.  When their race became extinct, Cheranallore Karthas became the trustee-administrators.  (Presently Thottathil Sastha temple also under their administration).

 Paramara Bhagawati has been the exclusive house-hold diety worshipped by Cheranallur Kunchu Kartha, and his progenies, the rulers of the erstwhile Cheranallore province.  Kottarathil Sankunni, a famous poet of yesteryears who authored “ Aithihyamala” , a conglomeration of legends has devoted one full legend to describe Kunchu Kartha.  This illustrious family is now settled around the globe. 

During those days “Vela” and “padayani”., performing ritual arts, were allowed to enter the temple precincts only if sanction from Cheranallore Kartha was received.  Those days’ cock-sacrifice and Guruthi were parts of the rituals and the temple was opened only at 2 in the afternoon on Bharani was Guruthi on the days of Revathi  and Aswati stars were performed padayani and thookkam respectively.

The benefactress Goddess delivers all wishes to those who seek refuge unto her.


Important Offerings – One (whole) day Pooja, Bhagawati Seva, Three-time Pooja, Chuttuvilakku (light all around), Niramala, Satrusamhara Pushpanjali, Swayamvara Pushpanjali, Guruthi Pushpanjali, Rakta Pushpanjali, Kadumpayasam Nivedyam, Thirumukham charthu, Navarangamala, Vedi Vazhipadus etc.


The flag of festival having hoisted on Uthram of the month Kumbha (February-March) the two sects belonging to the temple led the procession on Pooruruttathi and Uthrittathi days. Of these, the right to lead the Thalam (array of oil lamps) of the southern sect was confined to Nambia Kurups while that was granted to Vadakkekarayil for the northern sect. Rag would be furled on Bharani day after the festival. Seven days thence is the Maha Guruthi.

Chithira in the month of Meena (March-April) is the auspicious birth day of the Goddess. Chanthattam ( a special costume of pooja ordain) and birthday feast are special. One who applies the Chantu after adorning the Goddess received all opulences, it is believed.

Chennas Vishnu Nambuthiri being the legislator of rituals, the temple has other deities like Shiva, Ganapathy, within the interior and Brahmarakshas, Nagayakshi and Alunkal Bhagawati within the compound as demi-gods. The benefactress Goddess delivers all wishes to those who seek refuge unto her.

Parama temple is situated in the heart of Emakulam city. 50 metres away from the Town railway station, opposing town Hall, this temple is the easiest for any traveller to spot.

How to Reach

Nearest Town/Landmark/ Junction : Ernakulam North Junction – 62 m
Nearest Bus station : Ernakulam North Bus Stop – 130 m
Nearest Railway station : Ernakulam North Railway Station – 600 m
Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport – 27.2 km

Sree Paramara Devi Temple

Paramara Road Kacheripady – 682018
Phone: +91-484-2390789

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