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Sree Hanuman Kovil – Ernakulam

Sree Hanuman Kovil, Ernakulam an ancient temple in the Ernakulam Shiva Kshetra complex has its own eventful past .According to historians the origin of the temple may be citied to the times of Rama Varma the Maharaja of Cochin & Divan Venkat Rao alias Venkoba Rao ,a devout kannada brahmin who served the former between 1855 & 1860 the Maharaja had a cordial relationship with Vishvapriya Theertha Swamiji (1766-1865) of Sode Vadiraja Mutt (Uduppi).

History of Sree Hanuman Kovil

Shree Anjaneya is considered as a ‘Chinranjeevi’ in all the Yugas and a true disciple of Lord Shree Rama of Tretha Yuga. Mother Sita Devi spoke of Anjeneya in the following words, when Hanuman presented himself as Lord Rama’s messenger before her. “You are valiant, you are competent, you are learned, O best among the Vanaras! as you have assailed single handed, this abode of Rakshasas”
The origin of this Anjaneya Temple is given in the book “History of Cochin state” written by Sri.K.P.Padmanabha Menon. It is mentioned that Sri.Venkat Rao (alias Venkoba Rao) was Dewan of erstwhile Cochin state from 1856 to 1860 AD under the then Maharaja Ravi Varma. The Hanuman Temple was constructed during his period.
Sri Venkat Rao, a devout Kannada Brahmin, located and unearthed the present Hanuman idol and ritually worshipped the same in his house. Realising that the proper and ideal place for installing the Vigraha was a temple, he requested the Highness to allot suitable land for the same. The gracious king did gift the present 22 cents of land on the eastern side of the famous Siva temple (Ernakulathappan) in Ernakulam in the year 1857 corresponding to ME 1032. The Maharaja was a great worshipper and visited the temple regularly. The temple has lost a gracious patron with the death of the king in 1932.

Importance of Yagna and Homas during Kumbhabhishekas

Anointment (Sudhi Kalasha) followed by Brahma Koorcha Homa, Pradhana Homa. Restoration of divine power in the deity, a series of homas like Tathwa Homa, Vishnu Gayathri Homa, Rama Manthra Homa, Moola Manthra Homa will be conducted. Praying for the auspicious hour during the Mahakumbhabhisheka Navagraha Homa is to be performed.For peace and prosperity for the entire humanity, rare Homas like Rama Thaaraka Mantra Homa , Adithya Hrudhaya Homa, Purusha Suktha and ShreeSuktha Homa are to be performed during this occasion. The colourful event is preceded by replacing the old Sree Kovil Silver doors with new ones. Prathista Day of Sree Anjaneya Swami is celebrated on Sree Rama Navami Day every year. The entire events will be guided and blessed by Udupi Ashta mutta Swamijis Like H H Raghu Bhushana TheerthaSwamiji of Balagaru Mutt, H.H Vishwaprasanna Swamiji (Junior) Pejawar Mutt and H H Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt.

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