Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Day 7 episode 8 Highlights: Who’s the next captain

Bigg Boss Malayalam Day 7, episode 8 – new week began for the contestants with nominations task as always. Also rajini Sandy captaincy will end today.

Who’s the next captain of the Bigg Boss house? This time Bigg Boss house there would be a captaincy task.

Arya was called to the confession room by BIGG BOSS and handed over the captaincy task. All the contestants are assembled in the living room and were told to nominate three person for the captaincy task.

Suresh Krishna,Rajith Kumar and Saju Navodaya (Pashanam Shaji) nominated for captaincy task . After the captaincy task Mohanlal declared the 2nd week captain as Saju Navodaya (Pashanam Shaji).

Saju Navodaya divided the complete team into four small teams and they were given responsibilities of cooking, utensils cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and house cleaning respectively.

Thezni Khan is still sad has she was unable to join with kitchen team form last week.

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