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Wellness and Ayurveda

‘Health is wealth’ there is no doubt about it.  Most materialistic things in life can always be retrieved with a little effort. However, if health is lost completely there is nothing much that can be done. Everything achieved, worldly possessions and wealth seem insignificant when we don’t possess the health to appreciate and enjoy the things achieved. Most of us when young forget about the importance of health and indulge ourselves in a lot of habits that may be, during the youth don’t seem to affect us but sure are life threatening with the growing age. The rest of the crowd that does not involve in bad habits does not serve the purpose of good health either, because laziness is their companion because of which they ignore the importance of good diet, exercise and life style.

Wellness both physical and mental is the key to emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is the key to success because an active body and mind brings out the best results. So how was health maintained by our ancestors? We from our rich traditional heritage can infer that our ancestors were people who gave a lot of importance to physical and mental well being. They involved in a lot of practises that strengthened their body, soul and mind and had made these practises an important part of their life style. One such practise which is a blessing for us is the Yoga. Yoga as we all know comprises of various asanas or postures which focuses on the wellbeing of every part of the body. Meditation helps us gain focus and clarity in mind.

Another practise that was followed by our ancestors and is the next blessing for us is the Ayurveda. Ayurveda means the science of life. It is considered to have passed on to various generations of sages verbally and is considered to have been documented about 5000 years ago. The oldest known texts are Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. These texts talk about how the 5 elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire and space influence our body and how their levels can be maintained to ensure that we lead a healthy and peaceful life. Ayurveda has been followed by people in India for ages and has had good effect on their health and life style. Unlike Allopathy , that takes care of the incurred disease and helps to heal it, Ayurveda involves the understanding of the disease and identifying its root cause to ensure that it is prevented all together. It involves a series of treatments that include oral medicines, oil massages and various others. Ayurveda is clubbed with Yoga to ensure better results.

Kerala is famous for its ayurvedic treatments and the land of Kerala along with its climate helps in the effectiveness of the treatments rendered. Most people from abroad and from various states of India visit Kerala for these specialised treatments. So visit Kerala to enjoy its beauty and get your wellness in place.

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