Monday, July 15, 2024

A journey to meet mother nature

“My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth’s loveliness” said Michelangelo.

Every word of it is true for many a times, have I felt heaven on earth while being amidst nature. Nature is called ‘mother nature’, is it because she is there for us always, irrespective of the trouble we put her through? Or is it because she provides us with her bounty the basic essentials for human life? Yes and the reasons are much more. Every action of us is directly or indirectly linked to Mother Nature for it is we who have taken her shelter and it is we who need her. Man has become reckless with the advancement in science and technology. He has forgotten the path that he treaded to reach where he stands today.

Where there used to be paddy and rice fields, we now have sky scrapers. Where there used to be beautiful, clean river, we now have gutter flowing that could kill any insect treading on it. We have made it difficult for nature to survive and are heading towards her complete destruction and self annihilation. Haven’t we all felt sick and tired of our boring jobs in cities and of a home which is a part of bigger concrete jungle? I have longed to wake up to the chirping of birds, longed to see the rain fall on mud and inhale its fresh scent, to breathe fresh air and having not to cover your face fearing pollution. There are very few places left in our country and in the world where you can experience all this and I am proud to say that Kerala is one such state. Though advancing towards modernisation, most of Kerala is still lying on the lap of Mother Nature.

So, if the mundane crowded city and its artificiality have started to weaken your soul, pack your bag and be ready for a wonderful journey to meet Mother Nature. While your journey in Kerala you cannot help noticing that it is full of coconut palms grooves and you would also find a lot of back waters here. Its scenic beauty surpasses almost everything beautiful and you would find a lot of picturesque sites perfect for camera shots. Be it the green rice fields, coconut grooves, back waters or the famous hornbills, everything surprises you with its simplicity and freshness. It is not uncommon to find houses in the middle of fields or mountains laden with the green carpet of tea plantations. For the people who have witnessed only pollution, Kerala is a treat for our thirsty eyes. It is famous for the hill stations like Munnar, Vayanad etc and is also a place where ayurvedic treatments are very famous. Its beaches are clean and refreshing and so are the villages that are untouched by modernity. Out of a few good hotels in Cochin near the airport is ‘Mermaid Hotel’. It is famous for its hospitality and other services. So get started on a journey to meet Mother Nature.

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