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Traditional Onam Sadhya served on Thushanila

Onam , Traditional Onam Sadhya: Onam is celebrated by Malayalees from all corners of the world. The Onam celebration starts on the 1st and ends on the 10th day. Thiruvonam is important in this. The taste of Thiruvona tomorrow is on the tongue. Because if the Lord wants it, it will be complete only if it is accompanied by a sumptuous meal served at Tushanila.

Onasadya consists of more than 12 dishes like Upperi, Pazam, Papadam and Payasam. Meanwhile, there are some traditional recipes that have more than 26 dishes. A traditional meal according to Ayurveda is made up of six rasas. Spicy, sour, salty, sweet, bitter and bitter are the rasas required in a meal according to Ayurvedic rules.

Rice: Kuthari rice is usually served on Onam Sadhya

Olan: Pumpkin is the main vegetable used to prepare Olan. Olan is usually roasted and grated green coconut.

Rasam: Rasam is a very easy to prepare curry. Rasa is indispensable for Traditional Onam Sadhya.

Ginger: Ginger is the main star of Onasadya. Onam Sadya is not complete without serving ginger. Ginger is ahead in flavor and quality.

Pachadi: Pachadi is an important curry and the first dish served in Sadya. Pachadi can be prepared using cucumber, beetroot, pumpkin, pineapple etc.

Sambar: Sambar is the main ingredient in the Onasadya curry. Various vegetables are used to prepare sambar.

Avial: Avial is a combination of different types of vegetables. The ancients used to say that there is nothing that does not belong in Avial.

Paripupukari: Paripupukari is the first dish served in Onasadya. Start eating Onasadya with ghee and nuts.

Erisheri: Erisheri is a good side dish served at Onasadya. Any one of plantain, yam or pumpkin is the main ingredient in this curry.

Kalan: This is a good tamarind curry. This is a very similar curry to Pulisseri. Kutukaria and Echukkaria are used in Kalan Sadya.

Kichchadi: Kichchadi is an important dish in Onasadya. Pumpkin is the most important vegetable. Roasted coconut gives this dish a slightly sweet taste. Kichdi can also be prepared using vegetables like beetroot and papaya.

Thoran: Thoran is a must for Onasadya. Thoran can be prepared using any vegetable like cabbage or yam.

Payasam: Onam Sadya is never complete without payasam. Payasam is very important in Onasadya. Various types of stews like Atapratham, Kadapratham, Palpayasam, Palada Payasam, Semya Payasam are served on Onasady.

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