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Is trekking your sport? Come to Kerala

For all the adventure lovers, who love trekking and the nature lovers who long to be with nature and away from the mayhem of city life, Kerala presents a lot of amazing trekking spots and undisturbed scenic sights. We all know that Kerala has a lot of hills and mountains. So, I am going to give you a picture of a few beautiful mountains that are great trekking spots.

Silent valley national park
The park is situated in Palakkad and spans for about 90sq km. It is the core of international biosphere reserve and is also a part of the world heritage site. It is famous for its lush green areas that surround the place and most of it has escaped from the disturbing traces of human invasion and commercialisation. Activists are fighting to keep it in its pristine beauty by guarding it from vested interests. There is a river trail here of about 6 kms that takes about 3 hours. There is also a water fall trail of 8 km which can be covered in about 4 hours. There is a forest trail that starts with evergreen deciduous forest range and opens a sprawling grass land. The length of the walk is 10 km but it sure is worth the effort and wait. The treks start from Mukkali which is the base camp with the permission of forest and eco-committee.

Dhoni hills
Dhoni hills is also in Palakkad. It is a 3 hours trek from the base and is a famous trekking spot. There is a small and beautiful water fall along the way which ads a feather to its crown of beauty.

Soochipara waterfalls
During your visit to Kalpeta, you can visit a three tiered waterfall of Soochipara. This is 22 km from Kalpeta and the last 2 kms can be covered by foot. The tiredness while trekking is sure to disappear when you have a refreshing swim here.

Periyar Tiger Reserve
This is a reserve forest and is full of greenery. There is a team of protectors who accompany you during the treks in these areas. They are reliable men who are well equipped to ensure your safety during the trek. It is a 24 to 36 hours trek and night stay becomes a necessity. Thekkady where the reserve is based is the special place for elephants and you may come across a herd of elephants while you camp there. Thekkady is well connected by roads from all parts of Kerala.

Other famous trekking spots in Kerala are Aagsthyaarkootam peak and Chembra peak. They are present in two major tourist destinations. They have one in Cochin and in Munnar.

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