Sunday, April 21, 2024

A journey to the land of spices

Are you planning a vacation and wondering where to visit? Let me suggest you to explore a state that has the highest literacy rate and highest sex ratio, a state that religiously upholds its cultural heritage and tradition and at the same time is opening its doors to modernity. Yes the suggested state is undoubtedly “Kerala” popularly known as “Gods own country”. Kera actually means coconut and the first thing that you would notice when you land in Kerala are the coconut trees that spread across the state. As the flight descends you would notice that this place has the maximum amount of greenery when compared to most of the states in India that are running towards the achievement of modernisation.

Kerala’s fame ever since the bygone era has been for its spices. It was a prominent spice exporter and had attracted Vasco da Gama and many others which unfortunately or fortunately also lead to the colonisation of the entire nation. Kerala is famous for its temples, back waters, churches, agricultural lands, coconut groves, resorts, hill stations, tea plantations and a lot more. It is like a breath of fresh air for a person who visits it from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is a land where the greenery takes your breath away and you would be awakened by the chirping of birds. The water channels and ponds teeming with aquatic life would encourage you to take a dip in the cool water and feel rejuvenated. It also has a number of beaches being on the Malabar Coast and each beach would have a story to tell.

It is believed that the land was formed by the sage Parashurama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The land was submerged in water and was recovered by him. However, the land was so full of salt that it was impossible for it to support vegetation and habitation. So Parashurama called the snake king Vasuki who with his poison had made the land fertile and thereby the land teemed with vegetation. Vasuki and other snakes after the incident were appointed the guardians of the land by Parashurama. True to the story the soil of Kerala to this day is fertile and it is evident from the lush green flora here. Kerala is a magical land with many mystical stories about it. Another famous story is that of the King Mahabali, who though descended from the Rakshasha clan (associated with demons) turned out to be an amazing king who loved and cared for his people. Mahabali had won the battle with the Devas (angels) and they were sent to exile. Lord Vishnu paying heed to the prayers of the Devas took the avtar of Vamana, a small boy who then pushed the king down to Pathala (hell). It is believed that the king visits his people once a year and the day is celebrated as Onam, which is a famous festival of Kerala. Interesting isn’t it?

So, that was a small glimpse of the land of spices and its mystical stories. A trip to Kerala would never make you regret your decision since it would only be more wonderful to see and experience in person than all the great stories you have heard about and find the best destination and comfort stay in kerala.

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