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Some major Temples in Kerala

Kerala has got a rich cultural legacy. Enjoy the natural beauty of kerala and explore the beauty of gods own country.The festivals and architectural richness of Kerala is famous all over the globe. Many visitors from all parts of the globe visit here every year to attend different temple festivals. There are thousands of Hindu temples all over Kerala and most of them have got historical significances too. Most of them are the existing evidences of the architectural richness of Kerala. The murals and paintings on the walls of these temples are pieces of rare creative wonders. The temples in Kerala follow unique customs. The customs differs for each temple. All of the temples are dedicated to any of the Hindu Gods like Vishnu, Shiva etc. It is a divine experience to visit the Hindu temples and will be a refreshing visit. Some of the temples restrict entries to Hindus only. Some of the temple has fixed entry time and period. Here are some of the major temples in Kerala and the details about them.

Padmanabhaswami Temple at Trivandrum is the most visited temple in Kerala. The visitors from all parts of the world visit here each day. The 18 feet long idol of Sri Padmanabhaswamy is covered with precious stones and gold. A huge flock in the visitors is observed after the news about the uncounted gold treasure in the temple. After this incident the temple is a major news icon and the number of foreign visitors also increased.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is another important temple in Trivandrum. This place is famous for the yearly festival called Attukal Pongala which observes the largest gathering of women in the world.

Shabarimala at Pathanamthitta is considered to be the best known pilgrimage center for all Hindus in India. Ayyappan is the deity and the temple is located in mountains. November to January is the main pilgrimage season and during this season a uncontrollable flow of devotees is observed. Makaravilakku is a major miraculous scene at here.

Chotanikkara Bhagawathi Temple at Ernakulam is another major temple in Kerala. It is believed that worshipping at here will cure the illness. Makam Thozhal festival at here during April-May is a famous one. You can visit this temple as you visit Cochin. Mermaid Hotel, Vytila will provide you happy and comfortable accommodation.

Ettumanoor at Kottyam and Chettikkulangara at Alleppy are some of the important Hindu temples at Kerala.

Guruvayoor Temple at Thrissur is other temple dedicated to Krishna. All Hindu’s from Kerala find it sacred to conduct their marriage ceremony at here. This temple is located at Thrissur district. Vadakkumnathan temple is other famous temple and is located at center of Thrissur city. This temple has got a divine and sacred atmosphere around it.

Muthappan Temple at Parassinikadavu, Kannur is a unique Hindu Temple. This temple is located at the banks of Valapattanam River. Kottiyoor temple is another temple with different customs. The temple remains closed for 11 months and is located in a forest. The entry is allowed only for the festival month.

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