Saturday, May 25, 2024

Realize the importance of health, to prosperity and growth

Kerala’s cultural diversity, perfect beaches and fabulous cuisine mixed with a pinch of Oriental mysticism have long drawn tourists from around the world. With a mix of tour packages that are on offer in the state, an ingredient to the mix, Health tourism, has been professionally planned and implemented in some of the top tourist destinations by MIR Holistics. Realizing how important health is to a nation’s prosperity and growth, MIR holistics has embarked on programmes that combine activities relating to health care and tourism. Unique in all sense, the Health Tourism incorporates both aspects of the programme.

Medical tourism, or more broadly, health tourism, refers to the increasing tendency among people living where medical services are either very expensive or not available, to travel overseas in search of more affordable health options, often packaged with tourist attractions.
History states, as far back as 3,000 BC, people with eye problems made pilgrimage to Tell Brak, Syria, where healing deities were said to perform miracles. Ancient Roman spas that were believed to cure an endless list of ailments still offer hope and relief to people today. Health tourism covers the whole spectrum of services that promote physical well-being. They range from beautiful holiday packages bundled with everything from spas to cosmetic treatments to cardiovascular surgery, and from diagnostic services to rehabilitative herbal treatments

Our tour package includes activities that enhance health such as trekking, cycling, jogging, and swimming thus complements it with medical service treatment like health screening and massages, spa and sauna. Kerala’s health care advantages, combined with hospitality, seamless and integrated services, access to telecom and Internet services, tourist attractions, etc, provide a very tempting package.
The World Tourism Organization includes medical care, well being, rehabilitation and recuperation in its definition of health tourism. In Kerala, with MIR Holistics, health tourism gives you all these and a rejuvenating natural experience of life with nature. An experience that will amplify the pleasure and joy of knowing a state blessed with nature and at the same time earning health with refreshing tour packages.

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