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Onam-The secular festival of Kerala

The people of Kerala are awaiting the Onam festival that comes in the Chingam Month of Malayalam calendar. This year it is in the August month and the main day of the 10 day long festival falls on August 28th. It is the most celebrated festival in Kerala and the major reason why this festival becomes unique is the all people irrespective of the religion and caste celebrate Onam with equal vigour and happiness. Onam is celebrated in the remembrance of a king ruled Kerala named Mahabali. Kerala observe Onam as the state festival of Kerala and holiday is given to all the working men in public and private sector on the Thiruvonam day. The programs that happen in Kerala in association with the Onam celebration are beyond words to explain. You should visit Kerala during any Onam season to experience it in real. You can see the real ecstatic celebration of all the people together if you plan trip to Kerala in this August. You can stay at any park in Kerala and can witness the magic of Onam festival. If you land at Cochin which is located at central Kerala,

Vallam Kali, Puli Kali, ThumbiThulla, Onavillu and Attachamayam are some of the major activities in Kerala during the Onam season. But the major thing is the Pookkalam which is a floral carpet. Every people create floral carpets on all the 10 days of the festival in their residences. They make a special and big Pookkalam on the final day which is the Thiruvonam day. Floral carpet competitions are also carried out by different groups in local areas in Kerala. Vamanamoorthy Thrikkakara Temple at Cochin is believed to be the ancient capital of Mahabali and is directly linked to the mythology of Onam.

Onam Sadya is a special feast on the Onam day. It is served on the banana leaf and is a great experience to taste the OnamSadya. There will be boiled rice and many curries in the feast.Sambar, Thoran, Kaalan, Olan, Aviyal, Rasam etc. are some of the curries served with the sadya. Pickles, banana chips and Pappadam are also served. Dessert called Payasam is another attraction of the Onam Sadya. The people of Kerala wear new dress on the Onam day. It is called Onakkodi. It is widely said that the people of Kerala should celebrate Onam even though they are in any kind of troubles. Such important is this festival in Kerala. You can enjoy all these things if you make up a trip to Kerala this August. You can join the madly celebration of Kerala people to have the most colourful experience in life.

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