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The heartfelt exciting tour to Kerala hub

Kerala is one of the popular tourist destinations in India with a nickname as the “God’s own country”. Thiruvananthapuram is its capital city and Kochi, Kozhikode are some of its major cities. In 1956 on the first of November the state was formed by the States Reorganization Act by merging together the Malabar Districts, Travancore-Cochin and the Taluk of Kasargod, South of Kanara. Kerala became the union states of India only after this special act.

The state is rich in its culture and heritage. It is one the religious state and is the most peaceful and harmonious place found on earth with the highest advancement in skills and technique. Once upon a time an unknown tiny area has now become the richest in the country compete able with the world’s first class countries.
Kerala is well known for its beautiful and rich green scenery of the national parks, the enchanting hill stations, vast exclusive backwaters, the beaches and the Ayurvedic treatments which is one of the most effective heath treatment prevailing in this state which is one of the main reason why people love to go to this land of Gods own country.

Apart from these exciting sites, if you have a look on to the website of Travel Kerala you will find many enchanting and alluring place of destinations and some of the main eye catching sites are listed as follows:

Thiruvananthapuram :This is the capital city of Kerala and is one of the ancient spiritual centers since 11th century tracing back from the time of the Travancore king. The place is also known as The City of the Holy Serpent where Lord Shiva reclines and is also the place where the rocket was first launched in India.

Kochi: Kochi is a busy port city in Kerala with a lot of foreign influences from the ancient times onwards which is still visible till now. The largest lake of Kerala is also located here.:

Kayamkulam:It is a small village on the western coast. The famous backwater of Kerala are rooted down from this edge after washing down the water from the Arabian Sea and is one of the vast fertile plain where tea plantation is mostly done.

Munnar:It is a small hill station set amongst the Kannan Devan hills. The lush green surroundings, the wonderful gorgeous forest, the lake reservoirs are the most fascinating sights of this hill. The place is one of the highest tea estates in the world.

There are also many other alluring tourist sight like the Wayanad, Kollam, Alappuzha, Varkala, Kozhikode, Kumarakom etc. The Tourism in Kerala have reserve these special places mainly for the interest of the people.

At present in the field of tourism, Kerala Tour is one of the most interesting tour destinations paste in the front page. The people irrespective of castes and religion all over the globe gather here for festival and enjoy themselves and get a lot of inspiration from this place. You can dream for a heartfelt exciting tour to the Kerala hub known as the land of the green paradise on earth.

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