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Cultural legacy of Kerala

Kerala is a place with nature’s gifts and beauty with no barriers. You can see anything you wish in a trip at here. Your journey to this small state of Kerala will be the best days in your life time. The sceneries that you see at here and the warm people of here will remain as the best memories in your travel diaries. There are number of lovely beaches, many romantic hill stations, lakes, forest areas etc. to fill your mind with surprise and fun. Most of the travelers in Kerala visit here to watch this natural beauty. But the cultural legacy of this land is the beat attraction of here. Some of the visitors to here come with a motive of feeling and learning this rich culture. The state follows many traditions and they celebrate many festivals as a part of their belief.

Kerala people speak Malayalam language and it is an official classical language in India. It is believed that Mahabali was the king of this land and at his time the life of people was most prosperous. The people of Kerala hold many religious beliefs. Hindu is the majority community and there are people of Christian, Islam, Jewish communities at here. There are thousands of Hindu temples across the state. Shabarimala, Guruvayoor, Kottiyoor, Sree Padmanabhaswami Temple, Attukal Temple etc. among them are famous all over the globe. Malayattoor Church is a famous Christian church. Paradesi synagogue at Mattancherry, Ernakulam is an existing Jewish Synagogue. Many buildings in Kerala exhibit colonial beauty and some of the other reflects Kerala traditional architectural symphony.

There are many fabulous art forms in Kerala. Kadhakali is a world famous art form. Many foreigners visit here to watch, shoot and learn this art. Ottam Thullal and Chakyar Koothu are other famous art forms. Bharathanatyam, Keralanadanam, Thiruvathira etc. are famous dance forms. Theyyam is a religious art form mainly focused in northern district of Kerala mainly Kannur. Most of the art forms like Kadhakali can be learned from Kalamandalam at Thrissur. Thrissur district is called the cultural capital of Kerala.

The major festivals in Kerala are Onam and Vishu. Onam comes in Chingam month in Malayalam calendar and is celebrated for 10 days. The final day is the Thiruvonam and people make floral carpets, wear new dress, make special feast, play special games etc. Vishu is another festival in which people celebrate with crackers. Malayattoor Perunnal, Bheemappalli Uroos, Attukal Ponkala, Thrissur Pooram etc. are other festivals in Kerala.

Kerala has produced many renowned writers including MT, ONV, Thakazhi, S.K.Pottakkad, Basheer, Kamala Surayya etc. Theatre Drama and film industry in Kerala is recognized in the international levels. After all the simple lifestyle of Kerala is the reflection of Kerala culture.

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