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Waterfalls on the way to Munnar

There are many fabulous waterfalls on the way to Munnar. They are amazing to visit and worth to take some snaps. If you are on a road trip in a car or bike, you can make small halts at these wonderful destinations and spend some time. That will add the total fun of the trip and you can make your trip most memorable. Trekking facilities are available near some of these waterfalls and that creates more attraction to these places. Now let’s see the waterfalls that you can visit on your trip to Munnar.

If you are on atrip from Bangalore or if you are coming through Thrissur, you can spend some time to visit Athirappally Waterfalls. It is a mind blowing destination and the mostly visited waterfall in Kerala which is located at the Chalakkudy River in Thrissur District. It is also called as the Niagra of India. Here water flowsaround huge rocks and cascades down in 3 plumes. The water flows violent below the falls and it becomes calm as it reaches the Thumburmuzhi dam. The wildlife beauty near the waterfalls is fabulous and many films were shot here.

Then you can visit Vazhachal Waterfalls which is also located near Athirappally falls. It is also a fabulous place to visit. On continuing the journey, you can visit a fabulous waterfall called Cheeyappara Falls between Neriamangalam and Adimali. It is in the Idukki District. The main attraction of this falls is that the water falls down in seven steps at here. It is a real treat for the eyes and you can spend some lovely time at here. Facilities for trekking are also available near the falls. On continuing the journey you can visit Valara waterfall which is also a worth to visit place. It is surrounded by thick forest area.

Before reaching Munnar, you can visit Attukal waterfalls. It is at a distance of 9 km from Munnar and lies amidst of beautiful hills and forest. The charm of this place will spread a positive energy in your mind before entering Munnar. You can take many fabulous photographs from here.

At Marayoor near munnar you can visit Thoovanam Waterfall which is also a wonderful place to visit. It is located inside Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is in the Chinnar River and attracts tourists with its lovely charm. You can go for trekking fromKarimutti Forest Station to Thoovanam Waterfalls. On the way you can see wild animals and rare plants and trees. There are many endangered species of flora and fauna living in this forest area. Your visit to all these waterfalls on your Munnar trip will make the journey wonderful and you will become the happiest traveller in the world.

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