Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Lovely visuals in Kerala

The reason why the global travelers rush to Kerala is the unlimited natural beauty hidden in the villages and the wildlife areas at here. There are many exclusive attractions of Kerala that you can never witness from other portions of the world. The immense greenery and the pure water at here makes this land the ‘God’s own country’. As you walk through the ways in Kerala you can see many lovely visuals that will defeat your mind. The beauty of Kerala cannot be limited to some photographs and thus you will sure come back here to enjoy this blessed beauty again and again. Let us see some of the loveliest visuals that you see exclusively at Kerala.

The coconut trees in rows are the first thing that you gonna notice at Kerala. At all the 14 districts at Kerala, you can see coconut farms and even you can see coconut trees in most of the residences. This is used for many purposes. The fruit of coconut is used as an ingredient in most of the tasty food items that you get at here. Coconut oil is used for cooking the same. The shell of coconut is used for making many craft works. Never forget to buy some items to show your friends are relatives as a memoir of your Kerala trip. Next thing you notice at here are the paddy fields. The beautiful paddy fields that you see in your road or train journey are also the backbone of Kerala agriculture. Elephant is a major attraction of Kerala. Indian elephants are common to see at here. Kodanad Elephant Kraal at Ernakulam District is a special attraction at here. In some places you can enjoy elephant safari too. This will be an amazing experience for you.

Kerala backwaters are famous all over the world. You can see emerald backwaters in places like Cochin, Alleppy, Kumarakom etc. There are houseboat services at all of these places in different rates. A voyage through the backwaters at Kerala will be an incomparable experience. Another attraction of Kerala is the virgin wildlife. There are many forest areas and national parks in different parts of the state which is a habitat for many rare animals, birds and trees. There are many lovely visuals at Kerala including the sunset. Sunset at beaches like Cherai Beach, Cochin, Shangumugham, Trivandrum are simply awesome. Now the next thing that you should see at Kerala is the Kerala traditional costumes. You can even try them too. A girl in ‘Mundum Neryathum’ which is a Kerala traditional woman’s wear will look gorgeous. Other thing you should never miss in Kerala is the food items. The items like Puttu, Dosha and Halwa will be the best thing that could fill your stomach and mind. Come and enjoy the visuals at Kerala.

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