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Sree Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy Temple located at Palakkad

Sree Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy is a Hindu temple dedicated to Mother Goddess, located in Palakkad town in Kerala, south India. The temple serves as a spiritual center in the town.

About Sree Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy

A saintly Brahmin once prayed and perfected the Sree Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy, so the folklore goes. He did the prayers in his kitchen which is also known as the madappalli. That must be in course of time and usage, become Manappulli . This Brahmins house was part of the Yagakkara where Agnihothra yagas were performed. This in turn must have changed to become Yakkara the present name. It is presumed that the place where this temple is situated derived its name from this.

The temple mythology is that once, Neelan, an Asura was giving lot of disturbances to the people of this area. People complained about his miseries and menace to Parasuraman and he advised to take up the matter with Lord Paramasiva. Paramasiva by incarnation took the form of Bhadrakali and killed Neelan.

After this, Bhadrakali became to be worshipped as Manappulli Sree Bhadrakali Amman. She was born out of the sacred Jada of Lord Shiva during Dakshayaga. Shree Manappulli Bhagavathi is black in color, with four hands, each one having Soolam, Kapalam, gadkam and khedam. She is with three eyes, four big teeth, with beautiful dress, several ornaments, in ghost vahana very bright and shining and fearful in appearance. She is well known to satisfy the desires of the devotees.

It is said that the Goddess will bethere whenever any devotee calls with real devotion. This deity is a very powerful deity believed to shower prosperity, to ward off miseries, fulfill all desires, protect from all evils of her true devotees.

Sree Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy Festival

Manapullikavu Vela is a festival honouring the deity at Manapullikavu called ‘Manapulli Bhagavathy’. The festival is celebrated between last week of February and first week of March based on the Malayalam Calendar year. The celebration starts with ‘Kodiyettam’ (flag hoisting on a bamboo pole) which declares the ‘Vela'(Festival) has started. After the Kodiyettam, a week full of pooja ceremonies and evenings with colourful cultural programmes are organized by the ‘Vela Committee’ (Festival Committee) which all ends with the grand day ‘Manapullikavu Vela’. Many devotees from throughout Kerala and other southern states of India come to worship Bhagavathy on this auspicious day.

The Vela day starts early with poojas to the Sree Manappullikkavu Bhagavathy continuing with all day poojas. The ‘Chaandh Abishekam’, one of the important pooja during the day attracts flocks of devotees. ‘Vedikettu’ (Firework) is also an important attractive element of the festival which is organized in the evening around 9 PM and early morning by 4 AM. The Vela day is declared as local holiday which shows the importance of the festival. Many other are festivals celebrated in Palakkad district. Nenmara Vallanghy Vela, Kalpathi Car festival, chinakathur pooram, Puthussery Vedi etc. are some of them. Vallanghy Nenmara Vela is considered as the top of these festivals. Vedikettu in Nenmara Vallanghy Vela is famous.

Manapullikavu Vela consists small velas from other desams. Velas from West Yakkara, Vadakkanthara, Vennakkara, Koppam are some of them. These small velas come together to make the final show. Many chariots (bull carts and other motorised vehicles) participate in Manapullykavu Vela.

Manpullikavu temple is near Yakkara village, which was the origin of this temple. The name yakkara has derived from two words in Malayalam- “Yagam” and “Kara”. These two words combine to form the name “Yagakkara” which changed into Yakkara in due course of time.


Panchayat/ Municipality/ Corporation – Palakkad Municipality
District – Palakkad

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Nearest Town/ Landmark/ Junction – Palakkad Fort – 1.9 Km

Nearest Bus station – Manapullikavu Bus Stop – 210 m

Nearest Railway station – Palakkad Railway Station – 4 Km

Nearest Airport – Coimbatore International Airport –61 Km

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