Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Attukal Pongala

As the Attukal pongala is prepared to become larger, attracting additional girls devotees temples across the town can facilitated concentrate the gang and create pongala a comfortable affair.

Almost at the same time, lakhs of ladies devotees lit the tiny hearths they’d founded on roadsides to cook rice and jigger, that they might supply as a religious ritual later within the afternoon to make up the presiding spiritual being of the traditional Attukal Devi temple.

Almost all the Hindu deity temples in temple zone from Koncharavila, Irumkulangara, Mukkolakkal can host pongala. but this, shrines of alternative deities like Thaliyel Shivatemple, Sreevarahpom temple will offer all necessary amenities from water to brick for the devotees.

The flame from the sacred fire place within the temple precincts was passed on quickly in many directions. Many devotees lit their brick hearths, taking a cue from the loud incompatible of cymbals, joyous incantations and explosive of insane emanating from within the temple and transmitted to alternative components of the town through loudspeakers. several others received text messages and movable calls communication that the auspicious time for lighting the fireplace was at hand.

The city was clogged with vehicles transporting devotees to Attukal from three.30 a.m. The police had a tough time controltraffic and pedestrian movement. controlproved tough within the Attukal temple because of the absence of barricades, a senior police official same. The police department’s minute efforts to manage pilgrim movement within the temple space proved onerous for some day too soon Sunday. several ladies rumored the loss of their gold ornaments. there have been addition ally many instances of chain snatching and decide pocketing.

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