Sunday, April 21, 2024

Eid ul Fitr

Shawwal is that the initial of the 3 months named Ashhur al-Hajj (the months of hajj). though the main acts of pilgrim’s journey are commonly performed on the primary 10 days of Dhu ‘l-Hijjah, however the full period ranging from the primary of Islamic calendar month up to the tenth of Dhu ‘l-Hijjah is control to be the amount of pilgrim’s journey as a result of some acts of hajj is performed any time through out this era. for instance, the tawaf al-qudum followed by the sa’i of pilgrim’s journey, though impermissible before Islamic calendar month is performed any day once Shawwal begins. Similarly, associate ‘umrah performed before Islamic calendar month can’t be treated as an ‘umrah of tamattu‘ whereas an ‘umrah performed in Shawwal is connected with the pilgrim’s journey, creating it a pilgrim’s journey of tamattu‘. Moreover, the Hiram of pilgrim’s journey is taken into account undesirable before Islamic calendar month. For these reasons, among st others, the 3 months that follow Ramadan are named the “months of hajj” and also the month of Islamic calendar month has the excellence of being the primary of those months.

The second merit able facet of Islamic calendar month is that it’s been chosen by Allah Almighty for the celebration of ‘Id al-Fitr, one among the sole2 annual festivals recognized by the Shari’ah. This joyous day is meant by the Shari’ah to functional indication of feeling by the Muslims on the accomplishment of Ramadan and as a direct reward by Allah for those that spent the month of Ramadan in abstinence and activity different sorts of ritual worship.

Interestingly enough, rather than ceremonial occasional incident from the past, the Shari’ah has prescribed the primary of Islamic calendar month as AN annual page ant for the Muslims on an event after they themselves have accomplished and completed a big variety of worship. This approach reminds the Muslims that they must not believe solely on the accomplishments of their ancestors. Rather, they must themselves perform merit able acts to please their Creator.

In prescribing the strategies to celebrate this happy day, Islam has adopted another distinctive approach. The festivals of different religions or nations ordinarily comprise of entirely acts of rejoicing and delight. the full day of celebration is generally spent in performing arts, singing and play.

In distinction, Islam has prescribed a straight forward however sleek thanks to observe the joyous day. First, it’s obligatory on all moneyed Muslims to start out their day by paying sadaqat al-fitr to the poor of their community, in order that they, too, might fancy the day together with others and not be troubled concerning earning their sustenance on a minimum of this in some unspecified time in the future of happiness.

After paying the sadaqat al-fitr, the Muslims are needed to proceed to an open place wherever they’ll supply the ‘Id prayer jointly. during this manner, they’re expected to gift themselves before their Creator and supply 2 raka‘ahs of this special form of prayer that permits them to receive blessings from Allah and start their celebration with divine blessings.

After the salahcon jointly, they’re expected to rejoice during accountable manner, while not violating the bounds prescribed for them or gratification in any acts prohibited by Allah. Keeping now see able, we are going to currently discuss specific rules prescribed for observant the day of ‘Id al-Fitr.

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