Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Bigg Boss MalayalamBigg Boss Malayalam Season 4

Nimisha Back to bigg boss house from secret room

Nimisha Back to the Bigg Boss House was through the Confession Room. she returned to the house wearing an unidentified black dress and a mask. No one immediately recognized the masked person. She came with a note containing the rules of a task.

While bigg boss had called everyone into the hall at that time. nimisha started reading the task rules of the moment without changing the mask. Others who heard the voice quickly recognized her.

Bigg Boss also gave a warning to Nimisha before returning to bigg boss house. Bigg Boss told not to tell anyone where she was these days and also not to share the content with anyone.

Most of the contestants welcomed her return of her with applause. Jasmine was the most excited of the crowd, as the audience expected. Jasmine greeted her best friend’s return with a bang.

Meanwhile, the return of nimisha is sure to heat up at Bigg Boss House. Other contestants will naturally think that she have seen the contestant all the episodes. That is why others contestants will take her seriously.

At the same time, the audience is still waiting to see what the future holds for nimisha when the House’s strategy is almost understood.

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