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Unique things to do in kerala


Feel Kerala Rain Drops:
Feel the Rain drops on your body in the Monsoon which will cleanse, refresh & rejuvenate you. Let it run down your body and wash away stress. So don’t think. Just step out and enjoy the monsoon showers.

Walk through the paddy fields of Kerala:
Walking through the paddy fields of Kerala will give you a unique experience. Venture into the very heart of the paddy field on narrow paths. Here you can experience the heart of Kerala majestically. Don’t lose yourself completely in the dazzling green around you as you will be crushed in the slushy water passages that run through your mud path.

Experience the coconut trunk bridge:
As you come to the interior of Kerala, you will come across plenty of small water bodies with these extremely narrow coconut trunk bridges. These bridges are regularly used by the locals with ease, but before enjoying that experience think twice. If it isn’t your cup of Tea, do not worry. Further down the waters edge you will find many more friendly bridges.

Enjoy Canoe riding:
Drift along the serene waterways in a country craft while enjoying the cool breeze with the adorable noise of different species of birds. Canoeing is an eco-friendly water sports, where you paddle through the amazing sea caves, explore offshore islands, and snorkel the marine stocks. Kerala which has a vast network of lagoons & rivers provides the perfect place for canoeing. It would also allow you to thoroughly explore the life around the backwaters and the beauty of Kerala.

Try the new way of trout fishing:
Enjoy the trout fishing dangle a road and line into the flowing waters. Sweep your towel in the water and you will get the fishes which are very sweet and smaller. This new adventure will be a memorable thing in your life.

Encourage Snake Boat Race:
Watch the backwaters comes alive during the boat races and feel the bubbling excitement within you when teams of 100 oarsmen row their snake boats. Boat races are held in Alleppey where the famous boat races commemorate the carrying of idols to their abodes in Alleppey’s powerful Temples. One of the famous boat race in Alleppey is Champakulam Boat Race which symbolizes the arrival of lord Krishna idol at Ambalapuzha Temple. Other famous boat Races of Kerala are Aranmula boat race, Payippad Boat race & Nehru Trophy Boat Race.

Cruise Kerala Backwaters in Houseboat:
The charm of Kerala lies in its unique attractions, something which is not seen or experienced anywhere else in the world. You will get tired of witnessing Kerala’s marvels; still Kerala will have more to show you. One such unique attraction is a trip to the Kerala Backwaters. A glide in a “Kettuvallam” (Houseboat or Rice Barges) through the enchanting backwaters is sure to rob your heart.

You’re in a watery universe, so quiet, even you can hear your own blood pumping around your head. Sparkling greens, emerald backwaters, coir-laden houseboats and magical beauty heals your mind and body as you travel to surreal Kerala “God’s own Country”. The Houseboat glides across the Kayals (Canals), stopping at regular intervals for you to discover another spectacle on this incredible journey. During the brief halts, you can take time off to scramble through the paddy fields, tiny villages or visit toddy shops. This wonderful cruise experience would take you through some of the unexplored lands of this tiny strip of land called Kerala.

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