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How to plant tulips: enjoy this beautiful flower at home

Originating in the mountains of Mongolia, but becoming a symbol of the Netherlands, the tulip is undoubtedly one of the outdoor flowering plants (also considered indoor) most loved by all lovers of gardening and decoration. . There are a wide variety of colors that explain the important meaning of tulips .

For this reason, there are those that transmit love, attention and attachment like red tulips ; others that symbolize purity and peace such as white tulips… Be that as it may, the tulip becomes the favorite flower to give as a gift and that we all want to have at home. For this reason, today we tell you how to plant tulips so that you can enjoy this beautiful indoor or outdoor plant and fill your home with color


First of all, as with any other plant, we must take into account what is the best time of year to start planting tulips without dying in the attempt. In this case, the best time to do it is in the fall. Why? Autumn is the best time to sow and plant tulip bulbs before the first frosts arrive and the cold of winter kills them. Knowing this, let’s see the step by step of how to plant tulips from their bulb:

  1. Prepare a soil or substrate with good drainage. Tulips, like bulbs, do not support excess humidity and that could harm their proper development.
  2. Add some organic compost to the mix. We recommend adding some earthworm humus or compost to the drainage preparation to help give the plant strength.
  3. Place the tulip in a sunny area. Tulips, in the same way that it happens with other plants such as dahlias , need to be located in an area with enough sun for their good development. Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot for your plant, plant the tulip bulbs three times their size deep. Tip: it is very important that you leave the wide part of the bulb downwards, in contact with the ground, and the sharp or thin part pointing upwards.
  4. Leave space between the bulbs. If you intend to plant several tulips outside to form a row of flowers, leave a space of between 5 and 10 cm between each of the bulbs, so that they have land to develop well. Tip: If you are going to plant your bulbs in a pot, you can do it the other way around and put them close together, so that they support each other as they grow.
  5. Cover the bulb with soil or substrate to the proper height. Tip: leave the soil loose and airy. When you have it ready, we recommend watering your plant frequently but with the right dose of water to avoid excess moisture.


Now that you have seen how to plant tulips at home, it is important that you consider their care if you want this beautiful flowering plant to continue to exude beauty in your living room, patio or garden . 

  • The first thing you should keep in mind before thinking about caring for your tulips is whether they are for sun or shade . We can say that this plant is super versatile and adapts to you: it can withstand direct sun as well as it can be in shaded places.
  • Depending on whether you have the tulip bulbs indoors or outdoors , the frequency of watering may vary. If the bulbs are indoors, you should water them 2 or 3 times a week; if they are exposed to the sun, irrigation will not be necessary as long as the rains are recurrent.
  • As with other plant species , tulip petals can wilt, so we recommend waiting 5-6 weeks for the entire plant to turn yellow. When this situation occurs, we recommend digging up the bulbs to keep them in a cool place so that they can be planted again next year. Tip: If you want to keep the bulbs in the pot, we recommend changing the substrate to provide your plant with new nutrients.
  • If you want to extend the bloom time of your tulips, plant different varieties of plants with different bloom times. You will have beautiful flowers for longer!

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