Saturday, May 25, 2024

The gorgeous Gavi

All of us are aware of the famous tourist destinations that are visited by people over and over again. In fact tourist destinations that were once serene and calm have lost its charm with the numerous population visiting it and not trying to keep it the way it was. It is a natural tendency of man to make the environment adjust for him and not adjust with the environment and hence he reaps the heavy loss of losing the many facets of nature which otherwise was about to shower its bounteous wealth on him. It is understandable that tourism for any country is a great way of national income and it is also a great forum for cultural exchanges, however, what we fail to understand in today’s economic conditions is that in a surge of making tourists spots famous and amazing tourists visits to these locations, we often forget the natural essence of the location and let it change drastically. We end up forgetting the very fact due to which the tourists are eager to visit such spots.

It is important for the Government to ensure that the tourist spots are not affected and commercialized to such an extent that the very existence of them is in danger. It is also important to identify possible tourist spots and do the necessary changes that can save them and at the same time bring them forth to the view of the entire world. Have you ever wondered about visiting a spot that has not been visited by too many people yet? Some place, untouched by humans and in the lap of nature? I have always longed to visit such places and I am proud to say that Gavi in Kerala is one such place. Gavi situated in the Pathanamthitta district offers various activities like trekking, camping, night safaris and watching wild life. It is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure tourists. The road leading to Gavi is full of tea plantations and mountains which paint a beautiful picture of the real queen who is to be visited. Gavi literally would mean greenery when you see it. It is filled with mountains with green carpets woven around them. The various shades of greenery, the tranquillity and the pleasant climate is sure to take you to a different realm all together. Gavi offers the unique feature of camping in forests. The idea of spending a night in a forest with the teaming wild life around you is amazing. There are also various provisions for tree houses that give you a beautiful view of the land and lives beneath. Shabarima the famous pilgrim destination is very close to Gavi and there are night life safaris available to places like Kullur, Kochu Pampa,Pachkanam etc. Gavi is untouched and belongs to the wild. A visit to Gavi is a splendid opportunity to forget the artificial world around us and be vulnerable to the force of nature which treats us well when we treat her well.

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