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Places that you could visit this winter

There are numerous places that can be visited this season because of the advantage of it being winter now. The tropics can be best visited now, for it is neither too hot nor cold during this season. Kerala in south India would be the best choice for various reasons that include natural beauty, wild life, mountains, back waters and beaches. Depending upon ones interest level and need, Kerala can provide you accordingly. For example if you prefer hill stations for your holiday then you could visit places like Munaar, Idukki, Wayanad etc.

Munnar in Kerala is situated at about 130 km from the Cochin airport and is considered to be honeymooner’s paradise. It is famous for its tea plantations that spread like a green carpet throughout the place. It also has Erivikulam national park where you could find various endemic species of animals and birds. So if you are nature lover and love to spend time in a hill station, Munnar is your destination.

Idukki and Wayanad are other hill stations that are famous for the scenic beauty, beautiful resorts and nature endowed waterfalls that surprise you on your way up the hill.

If you are not a mountain person and prefer to stay in the land then the options are diverse again. The entire state of Kerala is amazingly green when compared to most other states of India. Coconut groves are seen almost everywhere and so are the back waters. Kerala is undoubtedly the queen of back waters. Places like kumorakom and Alappuzha are flocked by tourists every year to enjoy the splendid beauty of the back waters. The houseboats here are a great attraction. They are compact houses that provide you with almost all the facilities and glide in the water which makes it seem ethereal. The best part of the house boat journey is the sunrise or the sun set when the water reflects the beauty of the burning ball of fire.

Beaches are another source of delight in Kerala. Being on the Malabar cost, every part of Kerala seems to be surrounded by beaches. The famous Kovalam beach is a great tourist destination and has boat rides and other services much to the delight of the tourists.  Apart from Kovalam beach, we have beaches like Varkala, Chavakkad, Kayamkulam  and various others. It is great to see the famous Chinese fishing nets used in Cochin. The Shankumugham beach is close to the Trivandrum airport and can be seen even before the flight lands.

Apart from the beaches Kerala also has many monuments and palaces like the hill palace in thripunithara, the boulghati palace and many others. 

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