Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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For Inter-District and Domestic Travel Pass Registration online

All domestic travellers visiting Kerala

a. Shall register in e Jagratha portal.

b. All domestic travellers irrespective of vaccination status shall undergo SARS CoV – 2 RT PCR test either within 48 hours prior to entering the state or immediately after entering the state of Kerala.

c. Those undertaking RTPCR test on arrival shall be in room isolation at their respective places of stay till RT PCR report is available.

d. If RT PCR test is positive, patient shall seek medical attention from health institution.

e. If RT PCR test is negative, the person shall follow strict universal masking, safe distancing and hand hygiene during their stay in Kerala . If they develop symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, breathlessness, muscle pain, fatigability, anosmia, diarrhoea) during their stay in Kerala, they shall seek medical attention

f. Those who do not undergo RT PCR testing will have to remain in room isolation for 14 days from date of entry to Kerala and do self-observation regarding symptoms. If they develop any symptoms, they shall seek medical attention immediately.

kerala covid-19

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