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Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7

Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 is a Tamil-language reality television show based on the international franchise of Big Brother. The show is hosted by Kamal Haasan and is produced by Endemol Shine India. Bigg Boss Tamil premiered on Vijay Television on October 1, 2017.

The show features a group of contestants who are locked in a house for several weeks without any contact with the outside world. The contestants are constantly monitored by cameras and microphones, and their interactions with each other are broadcast live on television.

The contestants compete for a cash prize and the title of Bigg Boss Tamil by following the rules of the house and completing tasks set by the Bigg Boss. The contestants are also voted out of the house by the viewers on a weekly basis.

Bigg Boss Tamil Previous season Winners:

  • Arav Nafeez (winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 1)
  • Riythvika (winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 2)
  • Mugen Rao (winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 3)
  • Aari (winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 4)
  • Raju Jeyamohan (winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 5)
  • Balaji Murugadoss (Biggboss Ultimate OTT)
  • Mohammed Azeem (winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 6)

Overall, Bigg Boss Tamil is a popular and successful reality television show that has had a significant impact on Tamil popular culture.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, Kamal Haasan returning as the host. Through their promotional efforts, the show’s makers have made one thing clear the latest season of the reality TV show will be a double delight for fans.

This season the house has been divided into two houses.


Housemates who have entered the side house are not expected to leave that house at any cost. If they fail to follow instructions they will face consequences in their stay at the BIGG BOSS HOUSE. The small house is controlled by “Chinna boss”.

Chinna Boss Bigg Boss Tamil season 7

Unlike previous seasons where there is only one main voice in the house known as “Bigg Boss” controlling the whole house. This season “Chinna Boss” is also introduced to however only act as the main voice for housemates in the “small house”. Housemates in the side house will only follow orders given by Chinna boss and won’t be able to hear the voice of bigg boss like the other housemates in the main house.

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