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Bigg Boss Malayalam 6

Nishana N Bigg Boss Malayalam season 6 Contestant

Nishana N bigg boss malayalam season 6 commoner contestant, is a freaking housewife who loves traveling and trekking. Nishana N is the second contestant selected from thousands of common people

Nishana, a native of Kothamangalam, is married and a mother of three children. Before covid, Nishana was working as a coordinator of destination weddings. That business was disrupted by the Covid lockdown. Even though he had a love for travel before, that’s when he turned to continuous travel.

Travels are the life and livelihood of Nishana. Today he is also targeting a travel planning company with his friend. Nishana also has a YouTube channel called Trekking Freaky.

Nishana Instagram

her bike is also as favorite as Nishana’s trips. Until recently, Nishana’s travels were on a bike named Prabhakaran. Recently, Prabhakaran was replaced by Meenukutty.

When Nishana reaches Bigg Boss giving a break to all her journeys, Nishana also gives a message that family and other situations in life do not stop her from following her passion.

Bigg Boss has changed the history of Malayalam itself. The Bigg Boss team has rewritten their routine with the latest promo video. This is the first time that Bigg Boss has announced the contestants before the start of the show. Bigg Boss has revealed two of the contestants this time through a promo video.

This time there are two commoner contestants among the Bigg Boss housemates. They are introduced in the promo video. In the promo video Mohanlal revealed that names of the commoner contestants who were selected from the common people.

This is the first time that Bigg Boss Malayalam introduces any contestant before the show starts. Last season was the first time Bigg Boss brought a commoner as a contestant. Gopika was the common contestant of the last season.

This time, Bigg Boss goes a step further and comes with two commoners. The new promo video has increased the excitement among the fans.

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