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Tea plantations on the beautiful mountain ranges in Wayanad & Munnar

A tour of tea plantations in Kerala

Tea plantations are all private, but you won’t find fences there. To know where each area ends and begins, they use long, thin trees. Most of the land belongs to the largest Indian tea company and conglomerate Tata Group. Other companies also occupy the region and nearby areas with plantations of typical spices, such as cardamom.

Kerala pleases all tastes, and one of the reasons is that you can have the heat of the coast and the chill of the mountains in the same trip.

Anyone who gets cold weather will immediately fall in love with the cozy climate of the beautiful mountain ranges in the Wayanad and Munnar regions , filled with a huge variety of teas spread across 26,000 hectares of tea plantations or an untouched, extremely well-preserved jungle.

Healthy food with aphrodisiac spices

All the bounty of nature in Kerala also brings the most varied and exotic spices to the gastronomic world, which is a delight on its own – you can be sure that this paradise of aphrodisiac spices will not disappoint you.

Cuisine in South India is famous across the country for its fresh spices and blend of flavors and aromas that turn every meal into an explosion of flavors and sensations. Before you ask yourself: yes, it’s very spicy, but it’s worth it!

When is the best time to visit Kerala?

India is quite a tricky country to travel to because of the very extreme difference in temperatures between the north and south. In addition, India has a very marked rainy season, the monsoons, which make it impossible to travel to many parts of the country at a certain time of year.

It is a fact that the Indian people are not a fan of heat, but as in the south temperatures do not fluctuate so much during the year, what really keeps the flow of tourists away is the monsoons. 

Mainly in the mountainous region of Kerala , the rains are severe and often even generate road blocks, so researching about the monsoon season (which is always in summer and varies according to the lunar calendar) is the most important factor before to plan your trip.


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