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Ideas to decorate the Christmas tree and make it unique

The house at Christmas time is dressed in joy, lights and party. To impregnate it with the spirit of these dates, one of the most symbolic and beautiful ornamental elements cannot be missing : the traditional Christmas tree

The illusion of choosing decorate the Christmas tree

There are options for all tastes : for those who prefer to give prominence to the tree and for those who are just a mere support to hang all the figures that are within reach because they are in love with details; for those who buy an artificial tree to decorate and for those who use one of the specimens they have in their garden throughout the year; even for those who imitate the structure of the traditional tree but build it from various external elements. Whatever your style, enjoy the illusion of decorate the Christmas tree.

All the ornaments you need to decorate the tree

hanging ornaments

They are the salt and pepper of the decorate the Christmas tree. You will have options to hang classic ornaments or more current and fun . From figures of Santa Claus, to acorns, bows, balls (of course! In all colors and finishes, smooth, decorated, glass, paper, plastic, shiny, matte…), wooden ornaments, other cutlery glitter, with light, animals

Christmas lights

A Christmas tree without a garland of lights is like a field without flowers. The garlands will provide an almost magical finish. You have simple garlands or that incorporate small figurines. And there are white, yellow … or multicolor. In addition, the new LED bulbs cost almost nothing and are safer.

Decorative figures

And, why not, a large figure, luminous or not, next to the tree, as if guarding this very typical element. The little ones will enjoy playing during all the parties with them. Surprise them with the figures of the three Wise Men, they can place them wherever they like and let their imagination run wild.

The christmas star

An element as traditional as the Christmas star cannot be missing from the treetop to complete the decoration. Choose the design that best goes in colors and finishes with the rest of the decorations. If you fancy a different touch, change the star for a bow. Your tree will have a modern and very Christmassy touch.

How to assemble the Christmas tree correctly?

Whether you are going to decorate a natural Christmas tree or an artificial one, it is important that you know the order in which to place each element or decoration where to start . In artificial trees, the first thing is to give volume to the branches, then the lights will come, the largest ornaments, starting at the bottom, you must go up… It is a matter of order that it is perfect.

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